Ives Makes It Official: She is Running For Congress In 2020 - Jeanne for Congress


July 21, 2019 – This evening, Jeanne Ives, a former State Representative and candidate for governor, formally announced her candidacy for Congress in Illinois’ sixth congressional district.

 In the speech, Ives drew the contrast between herself, who sees the people she represents as the solution to many of the problems with which the nation is faced, and her opponent Sean Casten, who sees the people of the sixth district, as the cause of those problems. She pointed to Casten’s record of voting with the extreme left-wing of his party on 98%+ of his votes. As opposed to her own record in Springfield of working across the aisle when policy aligned, and standing up to both Democrat and Republican leaders when they betrayed their proclaimed principles and their campaign promises. 

Ives also announced that she has the full support and endorsement of Peter and Elizabeth Roskam. Peter Roskam served as U.S. Representative for Illinois’s sixth congressional district from 2007 to 2019.



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