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“We are a free people. We are a generous people. And we are a practical people. Our laws should reflect this truth.” 

July 21, 2019 – Jeanne Ives is taking on the false prophets in Washington and the false choices they present, starting with Rep. Sean Casten.

Ives is tired of Ruling Class politicians like Casten who tell you what he deserves- like the pay raise he voted himself – and what you don’t deserve – like the ability to keep your private health insurance.

Ives is tired of race-baiters like Casten who decry racism while complaining white people in his district.

Ives is tired of hateful demagogues like Casten who calls a man who wishes “all f–king Republicans were dead” someone he “embraces” and “will stand with.”

Sean Casten and his House Democrat Socialist colleagues like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar want to rewrite America’s history into something it never was in order to transform America into something it should never be. 

Jeanne Ives is running to transmit our American values which are under assault by Casten & Company. 

Jeanne Ives will stand for the rule of law and equal protection before it and the freedom to choose your professional pursuits and how you pursue them. 

Sean Casten wants to make America bitter. Jeanne Ives will make America better.

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“I will not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate others who do.”

My name is Jeanne Ives.

This is the oath I took as a West Point cadet and carried with me as a Wheaton City Councilman, State Representative and candidate for governor. 

This way everyone I served and those I worked with knew I operated in good faith.

It’s an approach by which I’ve turned honest disagreements with other legislators into reasonable compromises for the benefit of the families I represented.

This is precisely what’s lacking in Congress today.

Demonization of disagreement is crippling our politics and dividing our country.

It leaves people susceptible to the most extreme ideas and false choices.

We do not need to be subjects of big government or servants of big corporations.

We can enforce the rule of law while treating all in a humane manner.

We can be good stewards of our environment while promoting the free enterprise system that has enriched our lives and improved our standard of living.

And, we can provide quality healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions while protecting patient choice. 

This past July 4th, as we celebrated America’s two-hundred and forty-third birthday, Lt. Col. Harry Stewart, a Tuskegee Airman, celebrated his 95th birthday writing, “July 4 is my birthday, but I celebrate my country’s birthday too. America was not perfect in the 1940s and is not perfect today, yet I fought for it then and would do so again.”

I am running for Congress because I owe a debt of gratitude to those who came before me, like Lt. Col. Stewart, and bear a responsibility to those who come after me.

We are a free people. We are a generous people. And we are a practical people.

Our laws should reflect this truth.

Politicians come and go, but our values will endure as long as we demand that those we elect embrace them.

This is your demand to make and my commitment to honor. Honor it I will.

I’m Jeanne Ives, your candidate for Congress.

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