Ives Responds to Casten’s Budget Vote - Jeanne for Congress


Some describe government as a swamp. Right now, it looks more like a hot tub. 

August 1, 2019 – This morning, Jeanne Ives, a Republican candidate for Congress (IL-6), released the following statement in response to Sean Casten’s recent vote on the budget bill:

“The House passed a sweeping two-year budget  that increases spending by $320 billion over existing law — at a time when the federal government is already running a $1 trillion annual deficit in the midst of a booming economy,” said Ives 

“And Sean Casten voted for it.

“Casten will claim that this was ‘bi-partisanship,’” Ives continued. “In the suburbs of Chicago, however, taxpayers know all too well that Democrats and Republicans never have a problem coming together to spend more of their hard-earned money on badly managed government programs. 

“Some describe government as a swamp. Right now, it looks more like a hot tub. 

“This isn’t standing up for the people he represents. This is solving immediate political problems ahead of an election year – while further weakening the country’s long-term fiscal prospects.

“Voting for more spending at the federal level does nothing to improve the lives of the people in the 6th District. They are already struggling under some of the highest property tax rates in the nation and the heaviest overall tax burden. Casten just made it worse. 

“By contrast, as a lawmaker I stood up consistently for the families and taxpayers I represented – even when it meant standing alone.

“I am going to Washington because the people in the 6th District need a strong voice to represent them. They need someone who understands the lives they are trying to build for themselves and their families to represent their interests – not a radical rich kid who couldn’t jump in the Congressional hot tub fast enough.” 


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