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“You don’t want to go to the DMV to get your driver’s license and a mammogram at the same time… that’s essentially what you’re going to be faced with under Casten’s plan. Wait in line. Don’t choose your doctor. Don’t choose your provider.”

August 2, 2019 – Jeanne Ives’ campaign to unseat Sean Casten in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District received a great deal of media coverage this week. She spoke with a variety of publications about the 2020 election, the choice for voters, working on policy in the General Assembly, and being a military mom. 

Fox ChicagoFlannery Fired Up!

Jeanne on the 2020 Election

“We think the election in 2020 is about whether you realize Americans are free people. And we have lived under very prosperous conditions because we believe in free enterprise. So, the question is: Do you believe more government is the solution to your problems or do you believe that freedom and free enterprise is the solution to what ails America?” Watch here.  

Jeanne on Trump

“What did JB Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot both do as soon as they were elected? They both went to D.C. to meet with Trump and his Administration. You know why? Because we need to have a good relationship with the federal government, with the Trump Administration so that we can get the resources we need to help Illinoisans.”  Watch here.

Jeanne on Healthcare and Pre-Existing Conditions

“I support less public option on healthcare, more private options for people on healthcare… “You don’t want to go to the DMV to get your driver’s license updated and a mammogram at the same time. That’s essentially what you’re going to be faced with [under Casten’s plan]. Wait in line. Don’t choose your doctor. Don’t choose your provider.”  Watch here.

Jeanne on Her Policy Record

“I’ve always cared about policy. I think people know that about me.” Watch here.


WGN Podcast – The Chicago Way with John Kass

“Look, I have skin in the game. My son – the Army Ranger – just exited the military. His name is on a list if anything happens. My other son is a Navy Pilot. So that last thing I want to do is have to go into a needless war unprepared.” 

“We need to call the question: Do you think we should export big government, Chicago-style policies to the Federal government… That’s who Sean Casten is: a big government Socialist. It doesn’t play well here.” 

Listen to the full interview here.


DuPage Policy JournalIves’ Campaign Machine Picks Up Where It Left Off

“I think people are excited about my campaign because they know what I did as a state representative,” Ives, who served in the 42nd district for six-years, told the DuPage Policy Journal. “I have a history of rejecting more taxes and giving people more control of their own lives, and they know they’re going to get the same thing now. They know I’m not wishy-washy and won’t cave to political interests.” 

Read the entire article here. 


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