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“Instead of keeping his promises, Sean Casten is leading the nation down a long road to nowhere at great expense.”

September 6, 2019 – On Wednesday night, US Representative Sean Casten (IL-6) held a town hall to sell residents on his push for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, despite the fact that support for impeachment has dropped to just 21% among registered voters.

Jeanne Ives, a Republican candidate for Congress (IL-6), released the following statement in response:

“In 2018, Sean Casten promised our district that he would was going to Washington to make healthcare affordable, combat gun violence, lower the oceans and reform campaign finance. He has done none of those things.

“What he has done is thrown in with an extreme coalition of legislators to lead the charge on impeachment – something even a majority of Democrats do not support according to an NBC News / WSJ poll,” Ives continued. “Instead of keeping his promises, Sean Casten is leading the nation down a long road to nowhere at great expense. He is wasting time and money, instead of improving the quality of life for the people he represents.

“ Sean Casten has even gone on record as saying, ‘What voters think should not matter.’ He is not working for the people in the 6th District. He is indulging in his leftist fantasies.”

“Unlike Sean Casten, I can stand on my record. Some of the most important legisation I passed as a state legislator came directly from my constituents. I stood up to both parties to protect the interests of the families and businesses I represented.

“I am running for Congress because the people in my community need a representative who will fight for them, not against them.”


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