Catching Up with 6th Dist Congressional Candidate, Jeanne Ives (R) - Jeanne for Congress


Downers Grove, September 15, 2019 – Jeanne Ives spent six years in the Illinois State House of Representatives, becoming one of the leading voices for conservative positions in the House. It was her conservative positions that caused her to run against then governor, Bruce Rauner when Rauner signed HB-40, a bill allowing for taxpayer funding of abortions. Despite few taking her challenge to Rauner seriously, Ives came within a few percent of the vote of defeating Rauner.

Now out of the legislature since January, Ives is seeking the Republican nomination for the 6th District Congressional seat, now held by Sean Casten (D), who is a freshman elected last November. This is one of the highly targeted seats by the Republicans as they look to retake control of the US House.

We caught up with Jeanne Ives at a fundraiser being held for DuPage County Sheriff, James Mendrick.

Ives is opposed for the Republican nomination thus far by former Lt Governor under Rauner, Evelyn Sanguinetti

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