Ives Release New Digital Ad: Meet Paul Hall - Jeanne for Congress


September 26, 2019 – Sean Casten’s next door neighbor, Vietnam veteran and four-time Purple Heart recipient Paul Hall knows who Sean Casten is. He knows Casten’s extreme agenda doesn’t represent him or his neighbors. 

Paul wants everyone to know: He is ‘All In’ for Jeanne Ives. The veteran knows that Ives will do what Casten won’t: represent him and his neighbors in government, rather than pushing a radical, big government agenda at the neighborhood block party and across the district. View the ad here.


Meet Sean Casten’s next door neighbor, Paul Hall. 

He is backing Jeanne Ives for Congress.

Paul fought against oppressive government in Vietnam and he knows more government doesn’t equal more freedom. 

It isn’t very neighborly of Casten to vote for reckless spending and more debt – especially for those who are retired. 

That’s why he is ‘All In’ for Jeanne Ives! 
[Hall]: I’m supporting Jeanne Ives for Congress because she’s here for the people and not for the government.


For more information or to book Jeanne Ives, please contact Kathleen Murphy at 630-329-4680 or [email protected].  


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