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October 4, 2019 – It’s the Chicago Machine Democrat Way. Have Mike Madigan pick your voters through gerrymandering. And then you pick the voters who you will allow to address you.

Rep. Sean Casten announced a series of town halls that are invite only. Tickets required.

“Sean Casten is a master illusionist,” said congressional challenger Jeanne Ives. “He doesn’t practice representative government; he and the selected voters he casts for only simulate it.”

“In 2020, families in our community will have a choice between Casten’s democracy theater and actual representation, including the genuine, give-and-take of policymaking,” added Ives. “If you cannot tolerate dissent, like Sean Casten, you cannot formulate the coalitions necessary to make good public policy.”

Will Sean Casten press Speaker Nancy Pelosi to call the USMCA agreement to benefit 6th District manufacturers, farmers and entrepreneurs for a floor vote? Is Sean Casten willing to strike a reasonable compromise on border security and permanent status for DREAMers? Does Sean Casten think Illinois families are overtaxed? Will Sean Casten go along with his party’s leaders and eliminate the private health insurance of 175 million Americans?

Maybe 6th District families can get some answers to these policy of life questions from their congressman…if they’re fortunate enough to get tickets so they have the privilege to ask Lord Casten. 


For more information or to book Jeanne Ives contact Kathleen Murphy at 630-329-4680 or kathleenemurphy26@gmail.com.

One Reply to “Lord Casten’s Theatrical Town Halls – Invite Only”

  1. Jack Walczak says:

    Why is Sean Casten having town halls that require tickets?

    What is he afraid of?

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