Suburban Democrat Switches Parties - Jeanne for Congress


December 16, 2019 – Jeff Van Drew is a professional (dentist) in a suburban swing district in New Jersey who went to DC to address serious policy issues like health insurance. His party won’t let him. So he’s leaving.

Contrast Van Drew with Illinois Congressman Sean Casten who has led the charge on impeachment. Casten even made a point of telling MSNBC regarding impeachment, “What voters think should not matter.” 

Van Drew realized the Democrat Party has become undemocratic. There is no place for practical problem solvers. There is no tolerance of dissent. You must fall in line on every woozy, quixotic gambit of ideological Socialists like AOC and Sean Casten from the deindustrialization of the American economy to the elimination of private health insurance to removing President Trump from office rather than allowing the voters to decide in 2020. 

Compare this with the GOP where criticism of Trump is done openly by any number of conservative pundits and several GOP officeholders like Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), and where disagreements on policy are publicly debated whether the topic is tariffs, tweets or troop withdrawal from Syria. 

“It is worth noting that Van Drew didn’t move from Democrat to Independent. He moved from Democrat to Republican,”  said Jeanne Ives, Republican candidate for Congress (IL-06). “That’s because the Democrats who took over the House in 2018 are unreasonable and unserious. Republicans understand reasonable people can disagree. Casten doesn’t understand this. As a state legislator, I served in the minority party. I worked with Democrats to pass a health insurance network adequacy bill and college board reform. But Sean Casten goes to Congress and tells people ‘bi-partisanship is overrated.’ The result? Reasonable people like Jeff Van Drew are turned off and have to walk away.” 

Jeff Van Drew has had enough. Have you?

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