Ives Opens Up a Lead on Casten Heading into Election Year - Jeanne for Congress


December 23, 2019 – An Ogden & Fry poll conducted on December 17 shows Jeanne Ives leading incumbent Congressman Sean Casten in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District.  The poll was conducted district wide regarding political preferences of candidates with 575 respondents.


Respondents were selected by random sampling of likely 2020 General Election voters. The margin of error for this poll is +/- 4.17% at the 95% confidence interval.


The results show that head-to-head, Ives leads Casten by 9 points (47-38 Ives) and that  Casten’s re-elect number is under 40 (38.3%). 


Questions and responses included: 


How likely are you to vote in next year’s Presidential Election? 


Very Likely – 92.3%

Somewhat Likely – 2.6%

Somewhat Unlikely – 1.2% 

Very Unlikely – 3.8% 


Thinking about the race for Congress, if the election were held today would you be more likely to vote for the Republican or Democratic candidate? 


Republican – 43.3%  

Democratic – 48.6%

Undecided – 8.1% 


Thinking about the November General Election for Congress, if the election were held today, for which candidate would you likely or lean towards voting, Republican Jeanne Ives or Democrat Sean Casten?


Likely Jeanne Ives – 39.6% 

Lean Jeanne Ives – 7.4%

Lean Sean Casten – 7.6%

Likely Sean Casten – 29.8%

Undecided – 15.5% 

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