Casten’s “Basket of Deplorables” Moment - Jeanne for Congress


All the message-testing in the world can’t save a candidate from his own narrow-minded elitism.

January 22, 2020 – At a Women’s March over the weekend, Congressman Sean Casten told the crowd he was confident about the 2020 election . He explained, “Because we are still a nation where the majority of people voted for Hillary Clinton, we are still a nation where the majority are good people.”

Sean Casten is stumping for members of the Ruling Class and his message is more than clear: If you were not on-board with Hillary Clinton, then he thinks you are not a good person. This wasn’t just a swipe at Trump supporters. Bernie Sanders’ supporters were hardly Hillary Clinton supporters. Libertarians and establishment Republicans are certainly not Hillary Clinton supporters.

Hillary Clinton is a woman whose behavior includes incessant lying to the public; vast personal greed leading to corruption in high office; abuse of power on behalf of herself and against private citizens and political rivals; disregard for the law (and the very idea of the Rule of Law); open disdain for half of her opponent’s supporters, and the confession, made during a private Goldman Sachs speech and revealed by WikiLeaks, that she typically offers one position on policy and politics in private and another, often very different one, for public consumption.

To put it mildly, there were a variety of reasons good people did not support her.

“Sean Casten’s campaign wants people to believe he is a moderate, reasonable guy. But here he is calling the wide swaths of voters who didn’t support Hillary Clinton bad people,” said Jeanne Ives, Republican Candidate for Congress (IL-06).

“Arrogantly calling half of the country ‘deplorable,’ was part of what lost Hillary Clinton the middle of the country loss in 2016. Casten’s Women’s March stump not only reveals his elitism and distain for those who don’t think like him, but could be the Trump Campaign’s re-election ad: Those who think they should rule over you did not go away with Hillary Clinton. Sean Casten is living proof.

“Like him or not, President Trump turned-out disaffected voters to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. People were tired having their values shamed and their lives mocked by elitists, like Sean Casten, who feel they are your betters.

“Sometimes all the message-testing in the world can’t save a candidate from his own narrow-minded elitism. And it is going to lose Sean Casten the 2020 election.”

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