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“I will not sit on the sidelines and let Nancy Pelosi, Sean Casten and AOC tax us out of our homes, tax us into oblivion.”

January 27, 2020 –  Jeanne Ives recently made national media rounds to talk about impeachment, her 2020 race against Sean Casten, as well as a range of other issues.  

On Impeaching the Trump Economy: “Folks in District Six want this to continue. Many of them may not like President Trump’s style, but – overall – they really like the policies that he’s put in place. And, Sean Casten, when it came to impeachment, literally said that ‘what the voters think should not matter.’ This guy is a bitter partisan. And we plan on having a lot of fun with this in 2020.”

On Why the District is Now Leaning ‘R:’ “The left’s political agenda is fully unmasked now, right. They’re the most unreasonable unserious Congress ever to hold office. And the policies that they’re advocating for don’t sell well in the Sixth Congressional District, which is full of a lot of generous people – many of whom own their own businesses, work hard everyday, expect their children to do well in school. And they do not want the government interfering. They want this booming economy to continue. They’re happy that the trade agreements got done. They see success in their lives. And they do not want the government coming in and taking away their private health insurance, which is what Sean Casten would do – along with his Democrat colleagues. They don’t want the de-industrialization of the Sixth Congressional District, which is what you would get if you went to their fantasy ideas of getting rid of fossil fuels. Illinois has a strong energy sector. We’re very good with manufacturing. And Sean Casten would up-end all of that.” 

Watch the full Daily Ledger interview here.

On USMCA’s Impact in Illinois: “We knew if they did not sign USMCA – based on polling done from the Illinois Technology and Manufacturing Association – that, literally, it meant that sales would decrease by 24%. That’s a significant amount. We know that Illinois’ agricultural products need to be sold worldwide, and so that is a big [incentive] for us. So, we understand quite well how important trade is to Illinois. For us Canada and Mexico represents billions of dollars in trade; 341,000 jobs it’s significant.” 

On Impeachment and the 2020 Election:  Well, our voters are pretty savvy. And, look, they don’t actually care so much about impeachment. I think they fully understand it was a partisan, political event that occured. And they also understand, look, in 9 months you can make a decision on the President. You can decide if you want to retain him – and keep this robust economy going. Or you can decide if you want something new. But I’ll tell you what, no one is buying what the Democrats are selling. The Democrat field is just bereft of any ideas. And, in fact, in Illinois – which has the highest tax burden per taxpayer across the United States – the last thing that we want to hear about is that we’re going to bail out student loans, put in universal health care; that we’re going to add a Green New Deal that would destroy our energy sector; the last thing that we want to hear about is big government programs and higher taxes. We’ve tried that in the State of Illinois. We know it doesn’t work.”  

Watch the full interview with Victoria Taft here. 

On Healthcare: “People should have access to healthcare and it should be affordable. It’s just that we need free-market [policy] folks to do the bulk of the work. And for those who do have special conditions, that is when we would get government support.” Audio clip here.

On College Affordability:College Affordability is not, by the way – free college. It means administrative costs are actually tamped down and you don’t have the government being the first lender to bogus degrees at high costs. We need free-market solutions to that, as well.” Audio clip here. 

On the American Economic System: “It’s obvious to anybody who watches the marketplace that capitalism has been the greatest lift for people getting out of poverty bar none. If Democrats want to go to a socialist-type state, we’re never, never going to advance the economic freedom that people deserve. And I just really think that the far-Left, including Sean Casten, has no concept of that.”  Audio clip here. 

On Why She’s Running For Congress: “I will not sit on the sidelines and let people like Nancy Pelosi, Sean Casten, AOC and the rest of them tax me out of my home; tax us into oblivion. And that’s where we’re headed if we let these Ruling Class politicians get a bigger foothold in Congress.”  Audio clip here.

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