Silent Sean Casten Chooses Party Over Principle Once Again - Jeanne for Congress


“If you won’t lead, then step aside. I will.”  


January 29, 2020 – On Monday, federal prosecutors charged former state Sen. Martin Sandoval with accepting a bribe in exchange for opposing legislation that would harm the red-light camera industry.


They also charged him with one count of filing a false income tax return.


Silent Sean Casten, once again, failed to stand up to his party bosses in Illinois.


Just as he refused to stand up to Mike Madigan and his cronies when it was learned that they allegedy covered up a rape and fostered a culture of abuse in Springfield, Casten has said nothing about Marty Sandoval’s bribery changes.


When Sandoval staged a mock assassination of the President at a fundraiser in the 6th district, Casten said nothing.


Yet, he demanded the impeachment of the Republican President before the Mueller report was even released. And he couldn’t have been quicker to hype the impeachment of Conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on completely bogus allegations.


Then, Casten turns around and tells a group of voters, “Because we are still a nation where the majority of people voted for Hillary Clinton, we are still a nation where the majority are good people.” Hillary Clinton’s career is easily one of the most well-documented cases of political corruption in American History.


“Now, I understand Sean Casten may feel a little sheepish commenting on another Democrat’s tax fraud, since it was recently revealed that Casten himself was committing tax fraud,” said Jeanne Ives. “Ignoring corruption and refusing to use your platform to expose wrong-doing might keep you in favor with party bosses, but it also makes you complicit in your party’s culture of abuse. Worse still, going after the wrong-doings of your political opponents with the energy of 1,000 solar-powered windmills, while ignoring the serious problems in your own party, makes you a bitter partisan.”


As a state representative, Ives spoke out against Speaker Madigan’s culture of cronyism and abuse.  But she also stood up to Republican when they passed unbalanced budgets, tax hikes and crony bailouts.


“As a legislator, you are trusted to stand up for the people you represent against increasingly powerful politicians and party leaders,” said Ives. “This is your party now, Sean Casten. You have the power stand up to the corruption right in front of you, and you refuse to do it. If you won’t lead, then step aside. I will.”


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