Ives Galvanizes the Grassroots, Q4 Filing Shows - Jeanne for Congress


Ives Galvanizes the Grassroots, Q4 Filing Shows

January 31, 2020 – Jeanne Ives, a Republican Candidate for Congress, filed her fourth quarter financial report this morning. The filing shows her total dollars raised in Q4 came to $262,598.36, with $243,748.36 of that raised from individual donors. 

Particularly notable in Ives’ filing is that 42% of dollars raised from individuals in Q4 are unitemized, which means the donor has given less than $200 in the cycle so far.  Small dollar donors account for $103,095.36 of the $243,748.23 raised from individual donors. By contrast, Ives’ opponent Sean Casten reported only 22% of his total raised from small dollar donations raised in the third fiscal quarter

This is an important sign of strong support from the grassroots, as those individual small donors account for 93% of all donors in Q4.  Overall for this primary election cycle, 89% of donors have been small dollar donors. 

“As Sean Casten panders to lobbyists, champagne socialists and the political class, working Americans are chipping into beat back the most unreasonable, unserious Congress in history,” said Ives.

“What we are proving – each and every day – is that Americans are ready and willing to get behind a campaign that stands up for them and takes on a powerful political class and the special interests that fund their campaigns. You build a grassroots movement one person at a time – every one of those donations is important to us. And that’s exactly why we are going to win.”

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