Ives Releases New Digital Ad: Don’t Cook DuPage - Jeanne for Congress


Ives Releases New Digital Ad: Don’t Cook DuPage

Local Mom Asks: “What’s In Chicago That You Want To Bring Here?” 


February 12, 2020 – Yesterday, it was revealed by DuPage County Board members that  Democrat County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek, who took office in December 2018, has wasted no time bringing Cook County politics to DuPage. Within her first year, she was caught handing out big – taxpayer funded – bonuses to every person in her office regardless of their time in their position or their performance.


That is a problem. DuPage County is a great place to live and raise a family – safe streets, good schools, efficient services – because it has historically implemented conservative policies. Deep Blue Chicago, on the other hand, has fallen into a fiscal and moral crisis. The city is being bankrupted by its pension system, property taxes have hollowed out the middle class, crime rates remain among the worst in the nation, and Chicago’s public schools are failing to educate children. 


The reason one of the world’s major cities is collapsing is because of a political class that has used government to manipulate the city’s resources and assets for decades. Among those manipulations is the Democrat Machine practice of giving special treatment – including raises and bonuses – to insiders, special interests and political allies of convenience in exchange for loyalty. 


Jeanne Ives, Candidate for Congress (IL-06), released a digital ad, “It’s Happening Here”  in response. 


As a state legislator, Ives stood up to the Machine, as well as the corruption and abuse of power writ large in the Springfield. 


Stephanie Trussell, a Lisle mom who grew up in Chicago, is featured in the video. She doesn’t want suburban voters to be fooled. She moved to DuPage to escape the impact of big-city politics. 


In the video, she tells voters not to destroy safe, suburban communities by electing Chicago-style Democrats – like Jean Kaczmarek and Sean Casten. Jeanne Ives stood up for suburban families against powerful Chicago interests as a state legislator, that’s why Trussell is proud to put Jeanne’s sign in her yard.  







You’ve heard the story before.


Chicago politicians handing out special favors and big bonuses to their political cronies… driving their city to financial ruin.


Now, DuPage politicians are doing the exact same thing. 


DuPage County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar… handing out Chicago-sized bonuses to favored staffers. 


Families might think they’re safe in the suburbs…but there’s no escape from Chicago politics and corruption.


Stephanie Trussell: 

I was born in Chicago, and I moved here to get my children in a community that reflects what it was like when I lived in Chicago in the seventies. 


So now, when I see them implementing some of these policies that I fled from, I’m concerned.


If you were born and raised in DuPage County and you’re raising your children in DuPage County and you’re a Democrat, why don’t you go live six months in Chicago and then let me know what’s there that you want to bring here. 


When I look at what he believes, Sean Casten, everything that’s anti-family, anti-traditional, anti-great-things-for-our-country, that’s what he’s for.

We have to make him a one hit wonder. 



Illinois deserves better. We need leaders willing to stand up for us against political corruption.


Stephanie Trussell:

We need to elect the right kind of people that won’t be afraid to go and fight for us in Springfield as well as in DC.


Female Voiceover:

We need Jeanne Ives. 


Ives stood up against corruption in Illinois… and she’ll stand against it in Washington. 


Stephanie Trussell:

It’s refreshing that finally I could put up a sign in my yard of somebody that I truly believe in. 


Female Voiceover:

A proven fighter. A true conservative. Jeanne Ives… for Congress.

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