Our Kids Shouldn’t Pick Up Politicians’ Tab - Jeanne for Congress


Our Kids Shouldn’t Pick Up Politicians’ Tab 

Ives Releases New Digital Ad: ‘Debt Crisis’ 


February 27, 2020 – Your children shouldn’t be picking up the tab for politicians. As the mother of 5 young adults, Jeanne Ives gets it. She stood up against unbalanced budgets, tax hikes and crony bailouts as a state legislator. Now, she is running for Congress to make sure the interests of our children and grandchildren are represented in government. 


This morning, Ives released a new digital ad highlighting the nation’s debt crisis and her record of reform and fiscal conservatism.


<<Watch ‘Debt Crisis” Here>> 






Twenty-three trillion dollars and counting; 


The clock is ticking on America’s out of control debt. 


Jeanne Ives knows it’s time to fix it. 


Otherwise, our children will pay for politicians’ reckless spending. 


Ives spent seven years voting against unbalanced budgets and tax-hikes, because every dime government spends comes out of your pocket. 


Now, Ives will work to balance the budget, cut government spending and lower the debt. 


Let’s bring America’s debt under control. 

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