Casten and Democrats Exploit Pandemic for Political Gain - Jeanne for Congress


“Where is the media on this? If it matters what Trump says intemperately, then it matters what Casten says ignorantly.” 

April 5, 2020 – This week Sean Casten and his allies on the political left took to social media to exploit the Coronavirus pandemic, hoping to score political points. On Saturday, Sean Casten tweeted out, “To bet on Trump is to bet against the American people.” 

Today, Indivisible DuPage, an organization that openly supports Casten and with whom he worked closely to get elected – even filming interviews with their members, followed up with a Facebook graphic that strings together a series of charges to accuse Republicans of “killing Americans.”

“In one weekend, Sean Casten equated those who voted for President Trump with traitors, and Indivisible DuPage called hundreds of thousands of good people in the 6th District killers. Killers. This is the most extreme and divisive rhetoric at a time when all Americans are fearful about their futures and their well-being,” said Jeanne Ives, a candidate for Congress in IL-06. “I am offended, as a veteran, a military mom, and a citizen. We all should be offended. Everyone is concerned about the health and the economic cost of this crisis.  Regardless of party or political beliefs, our leaders should be working together to ensure we get past this pandemic and get American workers back on the job – not stoking anger, fear and division.

“Where is the media on this? Why haven’t they pushed back on the exploitation of the pandemic by Democrats in the same rigorous way they cover Republicans? If it matters what Trump says intemperately, then it matters what Casten says ignorantly.

“In a crisis, character matters most. And Sean Casten and Indivisible DuPage are certainly showing their true character.”

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