Ives Releases New Ad: Lives On - Jeanne for Congress


April 6, 2020 – In the midst of the  COVID-19 pandemic, Rep. Sean Casten (IL-06) released a series of attacks on his political opponents.

Ives, on the other hand, is focused on the nation’s problem-solving, independent spirit. It is that spirit that has seen America through crisis before, and will again. 

This morning, she released a new digital ad Lives On, which illustrates her campaign theme: that Americans have the ingenuity, compassion and grit to solve even our toughest challenges by working together. 

<<Watch the Video Here>>



The American spirit.

Formed at our nation’s birth…

Strengthen by Unity

And defended by generations of patriots.

Veteran Jeanne Ives joined them, safeguarding what makes our country great.


Jeanne Ives knows the solution isn’t more government, but more freedom.

And Ives isn’t afraid to stand up for us… even if it means standing alone.

In the statehouse, Ives exposed corruption at the College of DuPage…

…gave sexual harassment victims a voice when Mike Madigan tried to silence them…

…fought against tax hikes and overspending…

And held both parties accountable.


Now, Jeanne Ives will take the fight to Congress to protect what makes our nation great…

and ensure the American spirit lives on for future generations.

Together, we can solve America’s toughest problems. 

A proven fighter standing up for us…

Jeanne Ives for Congress.

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