Sean Casten Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Cyberbullying - Jeanne for Congress


“Does he not know that in Illinois cyberbullying a Class 4 Felony?”

April 24, 2020 – A third video has emerged from Sean Casten’s webinar with Indivisible DuPage. In the video, Casten remarks that a number of people have asked to take over his Twitter account, but that he uses it to cyberbully his political opponents. Casten additionally stated, that when he is approached about someone who wants to take over his account he “gives them [his] best Charlton Heston ‘out of my cold, dead hands.’ Watch Here.

As a press release from the NRCC noted, Casten is – of course a co-sponsor of anti-cyberbullying legislation.

“Who is ‘Trump on Steroids,’ Sean,” asks Jeanne Ives, Candidate for Congress (IL-06). “He is clearly very proud of being a cyberbully. Does he not know we have instruction in our schools to prevent cyber-bullying. Kids are actually punished for this. Does he not know that in Illinois that cyberbullying is a Class 4 Felony? Sean Casten needs to spend a little less time on Twitter and a little more time learning about what’s going on in his state and community. So far, he hasn’t earned that pay increase he wants taxpayers to fork over.” 

A sitting Congressman is bragging about cyberbullying his colleagues, an act for which his constituents would face criminal charges. Will Chicago and Suburban media call this out or will the rules continue not to apply to Sean Casten?

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