Casten Should Disavow Effort to Defund the Police - Jeanne for Congress


June 5, 2020 –  Members of the Minneapolis City Council are seeking to get rid of the police department – permanently. It is a measure that has gained support among Democrat politicians – including Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, and organizations, including  Chicago Public Schools

Congressman Sean Casten, who has failed to condemn violence in Chicago and looting in Downers Grove, needs to use his platform to disavow the radical idea being advocated by one of his Congressional colleagues. 

“For obvious reasons, this is a dangerous idea,” said Jeanne Ives, candidate for Congress in (IL-06). “We saw the anarchy that broke out in Chicago when police were overwhelmed. And we saw an estimated 2,000 people march peacefully in Wheaton last night, where there was a strong police presence.  Lori Lightfoot, in fact, told reporters, ‘what I’ve heard from people in neighborhoods is that they want more police protection not less.’ Congressman Casten needs to use his platform to advocate for responsible policy, that will bring about calm not chaos. It should take zero political courage for him to disavow this radical idea. ”

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