Casten: “The First Places to Fall are the Places White, Wealthy People Move Away From...” - Jeanne for Congress


Sean Casten is Stunningly, Offensively and Dangerously Uninformed.

Congressman Sean Casten, in an interview discussing environmental and racial justice, stated, “The first places to fall are the places white, wealthy people move away from…” 

“Sean Casten is saying he thinks that when white families leave a community, the community loses some measure of stability. He is stunningly, offensively and dangerously uninformed,” said Jeanne Ives, candidate for Congress (IL-06). “The ‘first places to fall’ are the places that have been subjected to decades of uninterrupted one-party rule, like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Detroit. A city’s downfall has nothing to do with race and everything to do with politics. I would remind the Congressman of the nearly 200,000 black families who have fled Chicago in the past decade.”

In fact, there have been numerous reports that make it clear that it has been decades of Democrat policies that have created instability in Chicago and other cities across the country. 

In February, New York Times published an article entitled, Black Families Came to Chicago by the Thousands Why Are They Leaving? The article states, [Black families] have been driven out of the city by segregation, gun violence, discriminatory policing, racial disparities in employment, the uneven quality of public schools and frustration at life in neighborhoods whose once-humming commercial districts have gone quiet, as well as more universal urban complaints like rising rents and taxes.” 

In 2019, the online magazine Longreads, in an article entitled Black Flight Out of Chicago, stated, “Chicago is economically stratified to the extent that upward mobility for blacks here is particularly difficult. The CMAP [Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning] report noted that the unemployment rate for blacks in Chicagoland stubbornly stays at more than twice the region’s rate, and that more than 60 percent of blacks who left the region were without a local job when they did so. Networks are hard to penetrate. The power structure is rigid.” 

This trend is not unique to Chicago. According to article, How a Reverse Great Migration is Reshaping US Cities, “‘This is a shift happening everywhere, especially northern cities such as Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Detroit… But Chicago stands out.”

“For over a century, Chicago has implemented all of the policies Congressman Casten’s party advocated,” continued Ives. “The fact is Democrat policies have disproportionately hurt Black families, who are moving away from the results of those policies at alarming rates. This has been going on for years… apparently unbeknownst to Sean Casten. Until he comes up to speed, the Congressman ought to dial back the lectures, since some of the greatest injustices have been perpetrated by his own party.” 

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