Casten Refuses to Officially Condemn ‘Defund the Police’ - Jeanne for Congress


Congressman Casten is dangerously out-of-touch with the reality facing families in the suburbs and Chicago.

June 29, 2020 –  On June 25, Rep. Sean Casten voted against condemning the defunding of police departments, a dangerous effort that could dismantle or disband police forces across the country.

His vote came just days after 104 people were shot and 15 were killed – including four children – in Chicago over Father’s Day weekend. His vote preceded a second weekend of violence in which 62 people were shot and 15 killed – among those killed were again three innocent children. 

“Congressman Casten is out-of-touch. We live in a time of increased uncertainty and lawlessness,” said Jeanne Ives. “The first role of government is to provide for public safety. In Chicago, anti-police efforts – like those Casten advocates – have failed. Many families in IL-06 know that because they moved to the suburbs to escape the violence and lawlessness that has overwhelmed the city. We need to have conversations about how to make our police forces better, not to further reduce the protection, safety and stability that law enforcement provides. 

“Congressman Casten is playing to a radical base, rather than standing up for the best interest of those he represents. This is a dangerous game. I have dedicated my life to protecting American lives – in the military, as a mother, as a state legislator and – now – as a Military Mom. On Wheaton City Council and in the State Legislature, I looked out for the interests of those I represented. I am taking that record with me to Washington.” 

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