$16 TRILLION: Sean Casten’s Sweetheart Energy Deal - Jeanne for Congress


He ran as a moderate in 2018. Proposing a $16 Trillion plan to massively grow government is decidedly immoderate.

July 15, 2020 – Congressman Sean Casten has proposed an Energy Deal that policy experts say goes further than Biden’s $1.7 Trillion plan and is similar in scope to the plan Bernie Sanders proposed. Rolling Stone estimated the price tag of such a plan was about $16 Trillion, leading to a 60 percent increase in the national debt. Like Sanders’ plan, much of Casten’s Energy Deal is qualitative and relies on assumptions regarding technologies that may or may not exist.

And, like other proposals from far-Left politicians, the plan is a host of progressive policy ideas that expand government bureaucracy, create carve-outs and special deals for favored industries and interests, places burdensome, unnecessary mandates on much of the private-sector, and pours billions of dollars into untested ideas. 

In an Indivisible DuPage interview (4:05-4:45), Casten marveled over the power he had as a Congressman. Given his massive proposal, it is clear that Sean Casten is determined to use that power to force the entire nation down a path that will bring him wealth – as he is heavily invested in the energy industry – and fame – as the scope and cost of the plan is not likely to go unnoticed.  

The Congressman seems unconcerned about how his plan will hurt businesses and manufacturers in Illinois’ Sixth District, many of whom are still struggling in the wake of the COVID shutdown. Nor is he bothered by the long-term impact of his $16T plan on the American economy. Implicit in the plan are massive new energy taxes and utility rate hikes.

“I am concerned about the environment. Like many Americans, I think we need to prioritize a clean environment,” said Jeanne Ives, candidate for Congress (IL-06). “America, through market forces, has shown steadily declining CO2 emissions since 2000 as we switched from using coal to natural gas. We led the world in CO2 decline again last year. We should be proud of that accomplishment. China, who we compete with economically, increased their CO2 emissions and has no intent of stopping.  Pouring TRILLIONS of dollars into a plan that has no hope of reversing climate change makes no sense. Furthermore Sean Casten, who has gotten rich off of energy subsidies and tax deals, including an $8 million subsidy in 2009 for which he personally lobbied Congress, could care less about the economic impact of his big government ideas on small business.

“He ran as a moderate in 2018. Proposing a $16 Trillion plan to massively grow government is  decidedly immoderate. There should be no confusion about who Sean Casten is anymore. And if the Sixth District re-elects him, they will lose any claim to moderation or fiscal conservatism they would like to make. Sean Casten’s plan is radical. Those who give him cover will be complicit in raising the cost of living, destroying opportunity and reducing quality of life for generations.” 


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