Ives Reports Strong Second Quarter Fundraising - Jeanne for Congress


July 15, 2020 – Illinois 6th District Congressional candidate Jeanne Ives announced a strong Second Quarter fundraising haul of $531,039.03, with $483,239.03 raised for Jeanne for Congress, and an additional $47,800 in funds raised for Jeanne Victory

The report indicates that Ives’ ability to raise the funds necessary to compete with her opponent continues to exceed the expectations of the chattering class.  

Sean Casten, the incumbent Congressman in IL-06, only raised $748k in the second quarter. Ives fundraising has consistently been on pace with her opponent’s – despite the fact that he enjoys the power of the incumbency, and the franking privileges and publicity that come with it.

“A year ago, I launched this campaign from my kitchen table. Since then, we have built an army of hundreds of dedicated volunteers, interns and donors who are tired of Sean Casten’s unfair self-serving agenda of special deals and higher taxes. We’re proud that an overwhelming amount of support came from individual contributors, people mostly inside the state of Illinois. In contrast Congressman Casten relies on corporate PACs and special interest groups for funding. While my donors both large and small are making real sacrifices to reach voters, Sean Casten voted for HR1 which would force taxpayers to fund campaigns – he must have forgotten we have $26 trillion in debt. That’s the difference between us: He’s working to line his pockets. I am running to protect your pocketbook. 

“This race was never going to be easy, but if we raise enough money to connect with enough people — we win. I am incredibly grateful for the support and generosity so many have shown. Now we just have to buckle down and take it over the finish line.”

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