Casten Has Taken Votes Even AOC Won’t Touch - Jeanne for Congress


“Sean Casten is lying about who he is… Is this why he doesn’t want real debates?”

July 23, 2020 Sean Casten, who ran as a moderate Democrat in 2018, is one of the most extreme-Left members of Congress, based on analyses of the votes he has taken as a legislator from the non-partisan Lugar Institute and the conservative Heritage Foundation. 

Yet, when Sean Casten talks to reporters and constituents, he often references the idea that he was once a libertarian-leaning Bush voter. Despite the significant improbability that a libertarian would vote for a Bush, Sean Casten has gotten very little push back on the characterization. In fact, a recent E&E News feature about the Congressman gushed: 

“As a teenager, Sean Casten just wanted to listen to gangsta rap group N.W.A. But the wife of an up-and-coming Democratic senator had a crusade against explicit lyrics in the late 1980s. And Casten felt as if he needed a little libertarian-style freedom in his life… His first vote for president was for Republican George H.W. Bush in 1992. He followed suit and voted for Republican Bob Dole four years later…”

Perhaps Casten believes these anecdotes will keep voters comfortable enough with him that they won’t question his alarmingly extreme ideas. But actions speak louder than words. And Sean Casten’s actions in Congress reveal his far-Left identification.

According to a ranking of Congressional vote records  from the nonpartisan Lugar Center and Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy, Casten was ranked among the most partisan Congressmen in 2019. Placing in the top 20% most partisan, Casten is actually ranked as more bitterly partisan than Mike Quigley, Bobby Rush and Danny Davis, who represent Deep-Blue Chicago, and Jan Schakowsky, who was part of a Democrat Party power-couple with husband Robert Creamer, before Creamer was forced to step back from the Clinton campaign in 2016.  

A second report from the Heritage Foundation measures votes and co-sponsorships to show how conservative Members of Congress are. No one expected a Democrat to get a perfect score. But it’s not too much to expect that a Congressman who was elected on the promise that he was ”Independent” and “Moderate” would score somewhere above – oh, say -10%. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a famously avowed Socialist, received a score of 17%. Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley received scores of 12%. Even Rashida Talib, who was dragged out of a Republican event screaming and cursing at attendees, received a score of 6%. 

What did “Moderate” Sean Casten score? Zero. The Heritage Foundation reported that Sean Casten’s voting record is 0% conservative. 

“Sean Casten is lying about who he is,” said Jeanne Ives, candidate for Congress (IL-06). “He has taken votes even AOC won’t touch. He is more radical than members of the Democrat Party who have become infamous for their controversial views and extreme agendas. He misrepresented himself to the people of IL-06 to gain power and push a radical, self-serving agenda. Is this why he doesn’t want real debates? He cannot defend his record to the people in this district, and he is hoping they never find out the truth. We all deserve better than Sean Casten.”

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