Even Death Can’t Stop Casten’s Politics - Jeanne for Congress


“Sean Casten has both a character problem and a Twitter problem.”

July 30, 2020- This morning the iconic Herman Cain, a naval scientist, former candidate for President and prominent Black business magnate, passed away from compilations due to COVID. Cain was a pillar of the Republican Party. The contributions he made to the national conversation were numerous, important, and appealed to people from all walks of life. 

Congressman Sean Casten (IL-06) wasted no time using Cain’s death to make a political point, tweeting:

Jeanne Ives, candidate for Congress (IL-06), fired back: “Why don’t you stop the politics for one second, Sean? Have some empathy. No one deserves to have their death politicized at the moment they die.

If you don’t think like Sean Casten, he hates you and doesn’t think you deserve even the most basic of human decency. 

Sean Casten has both a character problem and a Twitter problem.” 

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