Casten AWOL on Violence and Civil Unrest - Jeanne for Congress


“He can’t defend it. And he won’t change it.”

August 11, 2020 –  Sunday night into Monday, rioters in Chicago looted stores, broke into indoor shopping malls and battled with police along the city’s Magnificent Mile. Thirteen Chicago police officers were injured. Many were shot at, and a security guard and a bystander were injured and are in critical condition. 

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown condemned the looters and the policies that have begotten violence across the city. Brown directly criticized Chicago States Attorney Kim Foxx, suggesting that criminals are newly emboldened by policies that Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx (D) and her office have implemented and that are lenient in charging felony offenses. Brown said, “Criminals took to the streets with the confidence there is no consequence for their actions.”

While politicians across the city and state have denounced the violence, Congressman Sean Casten (IL-06) – who refuses to condemn the dangerous ‘Defund the Police’ movement – has remained silent. 

Jeanne Ives, candidate for Congress (IL-06), said, “The choice we have in 2020 is clear: Law & Order or Mob Rule. Sean Casten has been silent on the violence and looting in Chicago, in Naperville, and in his own hometown, Downers Grove. He has been silent on the corruption in Illinois Government. He can’t defend any of it. And he won’t do anything to change any of it. 

“I took on corruption in government. As an Army veteran, I defended American principles. And as a legislator, I defended the lives and livelihoods of everyone I represented. The people of IL-06 are reasonable, law-abiding people. From corruption at the highest levels of government to the lawlessness of riots and looting, they deserve a representative who will stand up to it all. That’s why I’m going to Washington.” 

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