Congressman Casten Uses Cardi B’s WAP to Argue Policy - Jeanne for Congress


And the Media Says Nothing

August 21, 2020 – Yesterday morning Congressman Sean Casten tweeted out a statement referencing Cardi B.’s controversial new music video (W.A.P). before his campaign pulled it down.  The article Casten posted contained a link to the video. 

Jeanne Ives, candidate for Congress (IL-06), said in a statement: “Once again, Congressman Sean Casten puts forth a deeply concerning statement and the media says nothing. He is a sitting Congressman who represents decent, professional people. And he seems to think using a sexually explicit music video to make a point about home weatherization is appropriate. This is gratuitous, attention-seeking behavior that is beneath the office. If you can’t make a public policy argument without Cardi B. in leather and fishnets, then you can’t make an argument. If he were a Republican, a powerful man objectifying women for personal gain would be headline news. But the media chooses to ignore Leftist Sean Casten’s deeply concerning character and comments.” 

Among the remarks Casten has made that have received little to no media scrutiny: 

When asked to identify a leader he looks to for guidance, Sean Casten selected a virulent, profane bigot named Dan Savage who has called evangelical Christians “pieces of sh*t” and said of Republicans, “I wish they were all f**king dead.”

Sean Casten doesn’t disavow such language, he doubles down on it as he did when he compared the President of the United States to Osama bin Laden.

Recently, Congressman Sean Casten, in an interview with supporters on discussing environmental and racial justice, stated, “The first places to fall are the places white, wealthy people move away from…”  

In the another interview with Indivisible DuPage, Casten bragged about using his Twitter account to cyberbully his political opponents and implied that his GOP opponents were Nazi sympathizers. 

And in the same weekend, Casten put out a tweet likening those who disagreed with him politically to traitors and Indivisible DuPage called all Republicans “killers.” 

Sean Casten is not at all the moderate he portrayed himself to be in 2018. His most recent tweet makes it clear Sean Casten is not making America better. He is only making it bitter, and more cynical. And the liberal Chicago and suburban press have given Casten a pass by not reporting his hateful and really strange comments.

“Reasonable people can disagree on policy and politicians,” Ives continued. “But there can be no disagreement over how out-of-step Sean Casten is with this district – and, frankly, with the suburban women who elected him. Casten isn’t the anti-Trump dignitary they bargained for. The guy is weird as hell. And the fact that Chicago and Suburban media continue to ignore his radical ideas and whacky statements just shows how illiberal, unbalanced and unfair these outlets have become, and how disinterested they are in the truth.” 

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