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Apparently Sean Casten wants to Keep Twitter Toxic

August 25, 2020 –  In another unhinged tweet on Friday, Sean Casten mocked Marco Rubio, a Cuban American Republican Senator, for tweeting out a Bible verse. In his tweet, Casten equated an expression of faith with mental illness. 

“Does Sean Casten think people of faith are mentally ill,” asked Jeanne Ives, a West Point graduate and candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District. “Why would an expression of faith on Twitter be met with mockery and shaming by a public official? Apparently Sean Casten wants to Keep Twitter Toxic. 

“The media chooses to ignore Sean Casten’s extremely questionable behavior, but the truth is people of all religions should be concerned about the Congressman’s disdain for people of faith and his objections to the free expression of that faith. Especially given the Casten family’s large donations to the Center for Inquiry (CFI), an organization which states as its mission, ‘encourage[ing] effective action to keep religion from infecting public policy…’,  Sean Casten represents a district where there are numerous churches, mosques, temples, faith-based schools and service organizations, like Catholic Charities, St. Vincent DePaul, Wheaton College, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Bartlett. Does he think these organizations should lose their (c)3 status if they have conscientious objection to a policy Sean Casten advocates? It is a legitimate question on which he should have to face his constituents and answer. Maybe that’s why he’s hiding from a real debate with me.” 

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