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Sean Casten’s Campaign Gives Hate a Home Here in IL-06

September 8, 2020 –  Over the past two days, the Ives campaign has received reports of vandalized yard signs in Wheaton, Naperville and Glen Ellyn. Each sign is painted with the word C***. In each case, a police report was filed. The Ives campaign reported each case on social media.

In one post, Ives states:

It doesn’t matter that Sean Casten issued a CYA response about those vandalizing our signs with the most vile possible language.

This is the kind of division and hate he has stoked from the moment he stepped foot in the political arena.

Casten cites as his ideological North Star Dan Savage, who said all Republicans should be F***ing dead.

He said what voters think should not matter.

He implies that his Republican colleagues in the US House are Nazi Sympathizers.

He mocked a Bible verse on Twitter.

He told a climate expert – Michael Shellenberger- who has drawn different conclusions than Casten, that questioning him was a “waste of time.”

He called Dan Crenshaw, a combat Veteran and Navy Seal, a racist over a policy disagreement.

And, of course, called gun owners people with small genitals.

Is it pretty clear who this guy is yet? Is it any surprise that profanity was spray painted on his opponent’s sign?  If you disagree with Sean Casten, he characterizes you in the most insulting, dehumanizing possible terms. 

Sean Casten is a divisive, toxic partisan. He has no interest in making American better. He is too busy trying to make America bitter.

That is who he is. Is that what you want in 2020?

In another:

We are not going to hide the hate that Sean Casten stokes anymore. We issued a soft statement on the vandalism and theft we were dealing with in an August 26 post. Now we are just going to show you.

We want civility in politics. But returning civility to politics means losing Sean Casten.

And in her latest post of a second sign in Wheaton being vandalized with the word “C***,” Ives said:

This report and photo was sent to our office today and was reported to Wheaton PD.

I have lived in Wheaton for 28 years. I have raised a family here and my daughter is still in high school here. I have served this community as a volunteer from coaching cross country to working with the St. Vincent DePaul Society.

And I stood up for your families and to protect the lives you were trying to build in the state legislature against politicians who view you as an ATM for all of their waste, fraud, corruption and abuse of public systems.

The hate Sean Casten has stoked is out of control. And it is not representative of this community.

Naperville (Reported to police Monday morning):

Wheaton (Reported to police Monday morning):

In Glen Ellyn (reported Monday afternoon):

Wheaton (reported Tuesday morning):

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