Ives Releases Digital Ad: Casten’s Mean Tweets 2.0 - Jeanne for Congress


September 12, 2020 – Over the weekend, Jeanne Ives’ campaign released a new digital ad “Sean Casten’s Mean Tweets 2.0.” 

Watch the ad here. 

In 2018, former Congressman Peter Roskam’s campaign released a digital ad, ‘Sean Casten’s Mean Tweets’ to shine a light on a series of intemperate tweets and statements then-candidate Sean Casten made. 

Apparently, now-Congressman Sean Casten has only been emboldened over the past two years. His toxic, divisive statements have continued steadily since his inauguration in 2019.

While the Casten campaign reaches back to drag up statements that are almost a decade old to use against Jeanne Ives, the Ives campaign merely has to point to statements Casten has made since entering office in 2019. And not infrequently. These are not inartful, one-off gaffes. These are statements he makes without apology on a regular basis. They reflect his toxic attitude toward his colleagues, his constituents, and anyone who disagrees with him. 

When there is media scrutiny for his remarks, Casten and his supporters call his weird and divisive rhetoric ‘just his sense of humor.’  We’re not laughing.  



“For the time will come when people will read Senator Rubio’s random Bible verse tweets and say, ‘yeah, verily, these were a cryeth for help.’”

I’m not even Christian, and I’m offended by that.

You’re going to hell. 


“Sean Casten told College students that people are being incarcerated for doing things, “People like me did in Fraternity basements, and now it’s a cocktail party joke.” 

Um this isn’t really someone I want leading kids, and showing kids what to do… the right or wrong things to do. Sean, not a good thing. But, thanks. 

I don’t think I want to know what you did in those fraternity basements. 

Oh, that’s good leadership. 

What kind of cocktail parties are you going to?









I don’t even understand what this tweet means, but Vote Jeanne Ives. November 3rd. 

“I’m truly sorry for Herman Cain’s family. But I have absolutely no sympathy nor tolerance for people who are willingly not wearing masks that would protect others from the viruses they are carrying.” 

What a <Bleep> 

When does a sympathy message come with a ‘but?’

“…Because you’re trying to appeal to people who will vote for you if you stand up and oppose brown people …”

Well, why would anyone who isn’t American be able to vote in our elections? 

Well, I am a brown person. Dan Crenshaw is not a racist. He fought valiantly for this county. 

“The first places to fall are the places white, wealthy people move away from…” 

So you think red-lining and segregation is cool? 

Congressman, that’s racist. 

The first places to fall are where the Democrats control. 

“Because we are still a nation where the majority of people voted for Hillary Clinton, we are still a nation where the majority are good people.” 

I just… 

I think it’s time for you to debate Jeanne Ives, Sean. 

“In a US House Committee hearing with Michael Shellenberger, a well-known environmental expert. Sean Casten said, ‘Mr. Shellenberger, I am not going to ask you questions because it would be a waste of time.’”

So… why are in Congress? 

Wow, that is so arrogant and intolerant. 

It shows you how out-of-touch he is with the environmental movement. 

“If we are successful come 2021, the majority of my colleagues believe that Democracy is a good thing; that the Enlightenment was a good thing, that the good guys won World War II.” 

So, Sean, are you saying if we disagree with you we are either white supremacists or Nazis? 

I can’t even respond.

“Having small genitals is not a sufficient reason to own a gun.”

Or to run for Congress. 

Why are Democrats so obsessed with our private parts? 

I own a gun… Why you getting so personal? 

“What voters think should not matter.”

So why are you even running? Why are you here? 

See, this is the philosophy of all socialists. 

Oh Sean, you wish. 

You’ve got to be kidding me. This is the stupidest thing I ever heard in my life. This guy’s a United States Congressman? 

Hmmm… I think in this case it should, and you’re gonna have a tough, tough time.

“Bipartisanship is overrated.” 

That explains why you’ve never passed a bill. 

Well, that’s not what Candidate Sean said in 2018. Promises made. Promises broken. 

So says the guy who has no bills passed in his one-term in office. 

“The whole country would not pass a first year MBA economics class.”

Clearly, Sean Casten thinks we’re all idiots. 

He is exhausting. 

You’re just here making so many friends… It’s awesome.

“Sean Casten said the “bravest” legislation Congress has ever passed is H.R. 1, a bill that gives $5 million in public funds to Casten and each of his socialist colleagues’ campaigns.”

I disagree. How about the Civil Rights Act. That was brave. 

“I believe that the President is prioritizing keeping the number of cases low over saving lives.” 

… which is exactly the point.

Yes. Yes. Keeping the cases low is saving lives, Sean Casten. Keeping the numbers low.

Wouldn’t keeping the number of cases low mean we are saving lives? 





















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