ICYMI: Congressman Emmer Slams Casten’s Divisive, Toxic Approach in Congress - Jeanne for Congress


September 21, 2020 –  This morning, Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer called into 560-AM’s morning drive program. During the discussion, host Dan Proft asked him about  some of the divisive comments IL Congressman Sean Casten has recently made. Emmer slammed Casten for his toxic demeanor and approach to politics (Listen to the clip here

At the 11:15 min mark, Proft played a clip in which Casten was asked how he would work with a Republican Senate to get his legislation through. Casten’s response was, “We’ll throw in a provision that everyone gets a gun and we’ll say some mean things about gay people.” 

Emmer responded by sharing his experience of serving with Casten on the House Financial Services Committee saying, “I’ve had first hand exposure to his arrogant, condescending, demeaning approach to politics. He’s not there building bridges… You want to know how smart Mr. Casten is? Just ask him. He’ll tell you. He has disdain for everyone. Ask Republicans and Democrats alike. He’s just the smartest guy in the room no matter what the issue is. And when he doesn’t have an argument, he slides into this really nasty, less than professional (as my dad would have said) very immature sense of humor

Emmer went on to say, “When you run on the idea that you’re going to be a moderate problem solver, when you run on the idea that you’re going to reach across the aisle and work with other people, including the administration, and then your behavior is everything but that, it’s just the opposite, I think Illinois voters are going to remember that when they go to vote for Jeanne Ives in the next 43 days.”

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