Ives Releases TV Ad: Lockstep - Jeanne for Congress


September 21, 2020 – Over the weekend, US House candidate Jeanne Ives (IL-06) released a new cable TV ad, Lockstep, that highlights her record of independent leadership in the Illinois legislature.

A state legislator Ives stood up for the people she represented rather than falling in with Springfield’s political ruling class. 

Ives spoke out against Speaker Madigan’s culture of cronyism and abuse. Today, Madigan and many of his political allies are the subjects of a massive federal investigation.

Ives also stood up to her own party. In 2017, nearly one-third of House Republicans – including caucus leaders – voted for the largest structural income-tax increase in history. Jeanne spoke out against the tax increase. Most of the House Republican Caucus voted for a bailout of Exelon on the backs of rate-payers. Jeanne spoke out against the bailout. 

Ives has been one of only a few Republicans who were willing to tackle structural or entitlement reforms. In the state legislature, she advanced meaningful pension reform, property tax reform, education reform and Right to Work legislation. 

In 2014, Illinoisans elected Bruce Rauner on the promise of an “Illinois Turnaround.” In the end, Rauner betrayed every promise he made. Ives gave up a “safe” seat in the Illinois House to primary Bruce Rauner in 2018. 

She stood up when it was important to stand up – not when it was popular to stand up. That may have lost her the support of lobbyists and others benefiting from the system that has bankrupted Illinois, but it earned her the respect of families and businesses across the state who watched their quality of life decline as state government grew. 

Creatively, the ad continues the imagery of steps and shoes used in Ives intro ad, Step Up. 

Watch Lockstep here.




When it comes to spending our tax dollars, politicians on both sides of the aisle walk in lockstep. 

Not Jeanne Ives.

She’s walked in our shoes. 

That’s why, when we sent her to the statehouse, Jeanne Ives fought for Illinois taxpayers at every turn;

 Refusing her taxpayer-funded healthcare and pension;

And never once voting to raise taxes.

Illinois knows, when it comes to protecting taxpayers, Jeanne Ives always steps up. 

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