ICYMI: Jeanne Ives Discusses US House Race with Mark Levin - Jeanne for Congress


Levin on Casten: ‘He Sounds Like an Idiot…’

October 8, 2020 – On Monday, US House Candidate Jeanne Ives (IL-06) joined Mark Levin to discuss her race for the US House and the issues impacting the 2020 election in Illinois. 

Audio from the radio interview may be found here.

Ives on opponent, Congressman Sean Casten: 

Anyone who votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% isn’t representing the suburbs of Chicago… [Sean Casten] has a more partisan voting record than even AOC… 

This is what kills you: the Democrats are all about their women… that is until they have a white male they want in instead. [In the 2018 primary], he beat out five Democrat women, because he personally funded his campaign. And then his dad put together [a super-PAC] to bash his nearest opponent.

Ives On Public Policy:

If you’re in the State of Illinois and you don’t understand that there is a problem with public policy, then you’re just not paying attention. I am for low taxes. In the State of Illinois, we have the highest tax burden in the nation… 

(Levin): …and the worst pension system too, by the way.

(Ives): We’re the most bankrupt. According to the Mercatus Center, we are the ‘Least Fiscally Stable State.’ Moody’s has us one-notch above junk [credit rating].’ We are de facto bankrupt in this state and, certainly, in the City of Chicago. And the answer from the Democrats is always, “one more tax increase” is going to solve what ails America. That is not true. But Casten is right in there with the Illinois Democrats that have destroyed the economic opportunity in this state: voting to blow spending caps, supports the progressive tax that’s on the ballot. He wants to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which would give the average family in this district an average $2,000 higher tax bill. And his solution to Social Security is simply to add a 20% higher tax on it. That doesn’t solve anything.”

Mark Levin on Sean Casten:

He sounds like an idiot. 

He should be on like ‘Saturday Night Live’ as a second-tier actor. 

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