Ives Continues to Close On Casten - Jeanne for Congress


Jeanne Ives has made the IL-06 race one to watch.

October 13, 2020 – Across the nation, Democrat incumbents in the US House of Representative are out-raising Republican challengers 2:1. With most House Democrats reporting over $2M raised in Q3, which ended September 30. 

But one incumbent Democrat isn’t feeling the love. In suburban Congressional District IL-06, Congressman Sean Casten is only at parity with his Republican challenger, Jeanne Ives. Casten has raised $1.14 million. Ives campaign has raised $1,137,640.41, with $1,114,340.41 raised by the campaign, and $23,300 raised for Jeanne Victory, a joint fundraising committee with the ILGOP and NRCC.  

Casten’s divisive character, self-serving policy-making, and tax-and-spend proclivities have become a major problem in the independent suburban district. He made national news when a video of the Congressman rapping for an audience of supporters surfaced. In the cringe-inducing video, Casten called everyone who disagrees with him “racist,” and “looney.” He has also said “What voters think should not matter.”  Ives, on the other hand, is a West Point graduate, former state representative  and mother of five, who recently earned the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune and the US Chamber of Commerce. She is running on her record of being a straight-talking, tax-fighter with a record of independent leadership. 

With clear fundraising momentum, strong performances in their first two debates, a massive following on social media and a robust field operation, Jeanne Ives has made the IL-06 race one to watch.

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