Jeanne Ives Releases Final Ad Of The General Election - Jeanne for Congress


Contrasts Sean Casten’s Record of Selling Out Voters with Her Record of Standing with Her Constituents

October 28, 2020 – Today, Congressional candidate Jeanne Ives (IL-06) released her final cable ad of the General Election, highlighting opponent, Rep. Sean Casten’s, dismal record of choosing tax hikes and special interests over the real people and small businesses of Illinois Sixth Congressional District

The ad, Trust, confronts the fact that for the past two years Sean Casten has neglected his district to push for sweetheart tax deals and subsidies for special interests. Casten has been so diligent in his self-dealing, that when the CARES Act was being negotiated in the House, his first action was not to ask what his district would get. No. Congressman Casten’s first play was to lobby Nancy Pelosi for special energy subsidies.

The ad goes on to contrast Casten’s disinterest in those he serves with Ives’ involvement in her community and service to her neighbors.

Watch Trust Here.


America stands at a crossroads.

Sean Casten’s shown us his path:

More government.

Higher taxes.

Debt for our children.


Jeanne Ives walks our path.

Safely opening businesses;

Getting kids back in school;

Protecting our families.


That’s why our neighbors and job creators endorse Jeanne.

She’ll unleash America’s economy.

And believes in America’s Spirit.


Don’t trust another Washington insider.

Trust the leader who has walked our path.

And has always stepped up for us.

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