Issues - Jeanne for Congress

Guiding Principles

The following are the principles against which Jeanne Ives measures any policy position:

  • Uphold the Constitution
  • Respect for personal property rights and physical safety
  • Is harmonious with our free enterprise economy
  • Empower government where it is most effective: at the local level
  • Protect against government overreach
  • Encourages personal responsibility
  • Applies the rule of law equally to all citizens

My Priorities

My highest priority is to preserve our nation, our Constitution and our shared American values for future generations.  That should be the goal of every generation of political leaders. We are the greatest nation on earth because our Constitution is focused on preserving individual rights and liberty, backed up by the rule of law whereby everybody gets treated equally and fairly.

Securing our nation’s future will require us to support and train the best fighting force in the world, secure our border, encourage a thriving economy that all can participate in, and reform government to balance the interests of those funding government with the interests of those served by government – this means limiting the special interests that are pulling the levers of government.

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I will protect people with pre-existing conditions, pre-existing doctors and pre-existing health insurance. You get covered in a way that meets your family’s needs. And you call the shots.


I respect the jobs employers provide and the work employees do. We need a tax system that does the same. Lower the cost of doing business so everyone can do more of it.


I support the Penny Plan to reduce federal spending over time, and I oppose crony socialism like the use of US taxpayer dollars to subsidize state-owned Chinese companies.


Currently, we subsidize tuition hikes rather than college access. Public, land grant universities need to fulfill their responsibilities to Illinois families first.

National Security

I stand for strong Armed Services, strong alliances, light footprints and rule of law on our borders.

Jeanne’s Record

Ives Stands Up for Taxpayers in Her District
Calls Out the Powerful Political Class
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